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teaching first grade a mentor teacher shares insights - teaching first grade a mentor teacher shares insights strategies and lessons for teaching reading writing and math and laying the foundation for learning success, tools for teaching content literacy amazon com - tools for teaching content literacy janet allen on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers reading and writing across content areas is emphasized in, first grade brain creative resources to make teaching fun - the end of august is here and while many teachers have already had their school years begin i know there are still many more who will be starting within the next week, steps to literacy innovative tools for traveling the - to place an order by phone 800 895 2804 by fax 866 560 8699, math journals for first grade tunstall s teaching tidbits - student created math journals for the entire year these interactive math notebooks are a great way for kinder through fourth grade to practice math skills in an, instructional strategies for teaching braille literacy - instructional strategies for teaching braille literacy to students who are blind or visually impaired discusses the question how is braille taught, department of teaching learning old dominion university - 3101 education building 757 683 3283 757 683 3284 kaavonia hinton chair the department of teaching and learning offers programs leading to the master of science, determining the reading medium for students with visual - instructional strategies for braille literacy diane p wormsley and frances mary d andrea editors reprints determining the reading medium for students with visual, key literacy component writing adolescent literacy - key literacy component writing by national institute for literacy students who don t write well aren t able to learn and communicate effectively, literacy how components of comprehensive literacy - literacy how specializes in applying reading research to successful classroom practice, teaching media literacy yo are you hip to this center - at circle time in a kindergarten class the teacher shows the children two samples of television programs an ad and a cartoon how are these different, teaching word families tunstall s teaching tidbits - teaching word families is a wonderful way to help students recognize patterns in the written language while simultaneously becoming better readers, routes into teaching discover teaching - there are several ways to start your career in teaching whether it s your first step into the world of work returning to teaching or moving to wales this, 5 sites with high quality informational text literacy in - editor s note teaching channel has partnered with student achievement partners on a blog series about digital literacy tools and their effective use by